ORION The Hunter

Orion Case Log: Mission 3

Monte Carlo Or Bust!

The agents are sent to Monte Carlo to retrieve a stolen missile guidance system from a Chinese weapons dealer looking to broker a deal. Yung Kai Sook, the weapons dealer plans to use the trans-Europe Monte Carlo Rally as cover for his deal. The agents meet up with Jean Marteau, an ORION analyst in the Monte Carlo office and establish their cover.

They face off against Yung Kai Sook in a high stakes poker game and establish contact. They are invited to a party at a rich aristocrat’s house the next day. As the first half of the mission closes, Hardtop discovers that the Italian mafia is somehow involved in the transaction, Jean goes missing, and Snowblind and Burt break into Kai Sook’s hotel room and discover that there may be more to this weapons deal than meets the eye.



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