ORION The Hunter

Orion Case Log: Mission 4

Lights out in Monte Carlo

The Orion team spends the day preparing for the party at the manor of Liliene Duexchamp, an elderly, widowed, European socialite. With the disappearance of Jean, they are on full alert. A plan is created to sneak an EMP device on to the grounds of the estate, so that they can disable all surveillance technology if they need to get out in a hurry.

While there, Burt makes the acquaintance of Janet Melendy, a Formula One champion. They hit it off talking about cars, while Hardtop and Snowblind head upstairs to confront Yung Kai Sook. In a room upstairs, they find themselves face to face with a gagged and bound Jean Marteau, and several armed goons. A fight breaks out, Burt triggers the EMP device, and the crowd in the house panics and starts fleeing the grounds at the sound of gunfire.

Burt and Janet head upstairs to help the other Orion agents. Yung Kai Sook is captured and shoved into the back of the Alfa RAMeo just as the local authorities arrive to discover the dead bodyguards. The team attempts to flee into the night unnoticed…



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