ORION The Hunter

Orion Case Log: Mission 5

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Hardtop and Burt were deployed to a manufacturing facility that Orion believed was a front for a drug cartel smuggling heroin into the US. They also had reason to suspect that a chemist had been kidnapped and was being forced to work on a new synthetic drug there.

Hardtop infiltrated the facility while Burt Jackson stayed in the trailer on recon. Once Hardtop knocked out the guard dogs and a guard, he disguised himself and made his way into the warehouse. Working his way up the stairs he was about to be unmasked by a suspicious guard. At this point Burt drove the Lamb Chop Express through the main gates and opened fire.

Inside the factory, workers using exo-skeleton cargo loaders revealed that their equipment was modified for military combat. Laying down fire, they pinned Burt down. He pulled the RPG out of the Lamb Chop Express and fired at the workers.

Hardtop rushed through to the lab with the warehouse guards, his cover still intact. From there he was inside the lab on lockdown. Inside the lab was a clean room where the captured chemist was working. Launching his attack, he subdued the guards, and escaped with the chemist.

Fleeing the scene in the Lamb Chop Express, the two drove the chemist to a safe house for debriefing.



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