ORION The Hunter

ORION Case Log: Mission 2

Paging Doctor Klemkin. Doctor Ira Klemkin.

Snowblind, Hardtop and Burt Jackson are sent to retrieve world renowned geophysicist Dr. Ira Klemkin. It is believed that whoever was behind the jewel heist earlier is using the special crystal to power an earthquake machine. Dr. Klemkin might be one of the scientists alive who would be capable of creating such a device.

When the agents get to Pleasantville, they find Dr. Klemkin in his office. As they are leaving the office they are ambushed by two agents claiming they are FBI. A chase ensues and soon the ORION agents are driving the Lamb Chop Express through the streets of Pleasantville being pursued by more military forces and even an Apache helicopter!

The agents evade capture and usher Dr. Klemkin on to a private ORION jet and ferry him to safety while they stay behind to defend the escape.



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