Lt. Col. Dan Sherman

leader of orion north america



Lt. Col. Dan Sherman was a rising star in the US Military who had worked his way up to commanding officer of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) when he was tapped to head the UN backed global peacekeeping force known as ORION CWOD. Since then he has hand selected every US recruit into the ORION division. He runs the Rock with military precision.

He speaks with a slight southern twang and has a glare that seems to look right through you when he’s displeased.


  • Strategy ain’t nothin’ but a bunch of tactics rollin’ at the same time.
  • Trouble: Acceptable losses/collateral damage.
  • I am authorized by powers that you can’t even fathom.
  • When you’ve been in the game this long, you’ve probably seen it all.

Lt. Col. Dan Sherman

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