Nautilus - Tom Merriwell

Orion Marine Recon Diver



High Concept – Marine Force Recon Operative

Trouble – It’s not R&R if you don’t wind up in jail

Others -

  • Of course I can do it. I’m a Marine, aren’t I?
  • At home at sea
  • Semper Fi (Brotherhood of the Marines)


4 Athletics

3 Stealth, Recon

2 Airborne, SCUBA/CCUBA

1 Physique, Will, Shoot, Survival, Communication


Combat Swim – +2 to Athletics checks in the water or Substitute Athletics for Fight in the water.

Behind Enemy Lines – Can avoid detection by enemy when infiltrating hostile territory. Costs 1 Fate point for every round not detected. Negates enemy Combat Sense.

Semper Fi – can absorb 2 shifts of stress once per encounter.


Nautilus - Tom Merriwell

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