Concept: Evil organization willing to use any means necessary to achieve its goals of destabilization

Dark Secret: Coalition of ancient clans and royal families from Europe

Goal: Global Domination


General Domingo Francisco – (Evil Organization) – Cruel dictator of the island country of Isla Sobrio, a tropical island off the coast of Venezuela. Isla Sobrio is a jump point for cartel drug activity, human trafficking, and weapons smuggling to terrorist groups in Africa, and Latin America.

Ewan McConnel the Baron of Tulloch (Coalition of Royal Families) – proud ancestor of the Tulloch clan of Scotland. The Baron is a web agent who uses his royal ancestry and his political alliances to further WEB’s aims in the UK.

Tarantula (Global Domination) – a shadowy figure who runs the InnerCircle of WEB, Tarantula always wears a black hood over a carbon black helmet. His voice is digitally masked and no one knows who he is.


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