House Rules

Mission Stress Track

Each mission has Orion facing off against an enemy. Each organization has a separate stress track with three stress boxes. The characters can use this to absorb personal stress if they choose. This represents a change in the higher level battle going on away from the PCs.

Characters can choose to inflict stress on the mission stress track at any time. This represents their communications with HQ and the ongoing dialogue about the “bigger picture”.

Whenever this stress is used up, the opposing organization has to absorb it with a minor consequence (1 shift) or major consequence (3 shifts). This represents the creation of an Organizational Consequence Aspect they PCs can call on.

Organizational Consequences

Minor Organizational Aspects last for the course of the mission. Major Organizational Aspects last until the next milestone. if the opposing organization inflicts a Major Organizational Consequence Aspect to return, they can opt to use that to nullify their existing Major Organizational Consequence Aspect instead.

These aspects represent narrative aspects of the ongoing battle between Orion and its enemies in the fight for liberty and justice.

House Rules

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