Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo


Place du Casino – world famous casino

Hotel de Paris

Cafe du Paris

Salle de Garnier – home of the Opera de Monte-Carlo

Monte Carlo Cathedral


Napoleon Museum

Monte Carlo Yacht Club

Monte Carlo International Heliport



Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo Rally


Janet Melendy – the first female Formula One racer with three separate speed records. Tough as nails.

Karl Bremmer – family heir and CEO of Bremmer & Krupp; a public conglomerate that manufactures pistols and firearms, lanterns and light fixtures and industrial steel works. Lives year round on his yacht parked off shore known as “The Hunter”.

Genevieve LeCroix – world renowned photographer; Genevieve lives in Monte Carlo so that she can set up shoots with celebrities away from their fans.

Shu Chi Yin – Taiwanese software tycoon, specializing in cryptographic defense systems.

Sir Charles Durbridge – knighted philanthropist and race sponsor. Old money.

Prince Waleed Farakhia – son of the sultan of Araman, a tiny oil rich emirate in the Mid East.

Monte Carlo

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