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The Orion Covert Warfare Operations Division (aka Orion CWOD) is a highly classified military organization created by the United Nations nearly 50 years ago. It was intended as a military force that needed to execute clandestine war operations with plausible deniability by any and all member countries. It recruits the “best of the best” from all the member countries elite military forces. It operates independently of any nation and has its own operating budget. In recent years with the recruitment of special agent Arbitrage and his team from Goldman Sachs, Orion has been expanding their operating budget in order to keep up with the increased global terrorism.


  • Specialized Network of Highly Trained Operatives
  • Fights for truth and justice
  • Answers to top secret council within the United Nations (politics as usual)


Orion agents come from all walks of life and all nations. They are united by a belief in the goal of global security and justice. They also have a belief in freedom and liberty.

All agents are recruited into the agency and are forced to give up their identities. Usually these people are highly driven people with little to no family relationships.

Standard Issue Equipment

All agents are given a standard “kit” of gear when they are recruited in:

  • Oakley Optics mirrorshades – these specialized glasses are made of a micro-composite that allows them to change their tint level on the fly and act as flash suppressors or night vision goggles. There is also HUD circuitry that relays simple schematics to the wearer and a miniature camera that relays back to Orion central command. In order to link up with central command the mirrorshades need to be routed through a Mobile Command Unit.

Aspects: Nightvision, Flash Suppressor, Camera, HUD, Mobile Command Link

  • Earbud – a small earpiece that creates a mesh network with any other earpieces in 1.5 mile radius allowing instant on communication between operatives in the field. When hooked up to a mobile command center it allows communication with Orion central command.

Aspects: Communicator, Mobile Command Link

  • Orion SM Smartphone – customized smartphone running a secure build of Android with an extra layer of encryption and tracker scrambling to prevent call tracing. Also serves as ID for entrance into Orion buildings.

Aspects: There’s an app for that, Can you hear me now?

  • 9mm Glock 17 Gen 4 with silencer and under barrel LED penlight options. Polycarbon frame.

Aspects: Bypass conventional security

  • Gerber LHR polycarbon Combat knife

Aspects: Bypass conventional security

  • Five unique fake ids (passports, drivers license, etc.) with different names.


The Orion Foundation has bureaus all over the world. Organized into 12 sections, each named after a zodiac sign. Once a year the Section Directors (or SD’s) meet in a council called the Zodiac. Special meetings may be called to deal with emergencies. Orion Central is where the Foundation’s Operations are controlled. The location of Orion Central rotates through the bureaus every five years.

Capricorn (North America) — New York City
Jurisdiction: Mainland US, Canada south of the 60th parallel
Section Director: Dr. Edward Matheson

Aquarius (Central America) — Mexico City
Jurisdiction: All mainland nations between Mexico and Colombia including Venezuela and the

Caribbean islands.
Section Director: Manuel Garcia

Aries (South America) — Rio de Janeiro
Jurisdiction: Countries located in South America
Section Director: Maria de Lamonica

Gemini (Western Europe) — Paris (possibly Lyon since 1989)
Jurisdiction: European nations west of Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia and Greece, and all Mediterranean islands.
Section Director: Caroline Desjardins

Cancer (Eastern Europe) — Moscow
Jurisdiction: All nations that used to be of the Warsaw Pact- south of the 60th parallel and west of the 60th meridian, and Albania.

Taurus (Northern Areas) — Stockholm
Jurisdiction: All territories north of the 60th parallel, including all of Alaska, Norway, Sweden and the southern end of Kamchatka.
Section Director: Dr. Carl Meitzner

Virgo (North Africa) — Casablanca
Jurisdiction: All African nations of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahel-Sahara region (Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan and South Sudan).
Section Director: Alois Hassad al-Khabir

Leo (Africa) — Nairobi
Jurisdiction: All African nations and local islands not controlled by Virgo bureau.
Section Director: Hester Candala

Scorpio (Middle East) — Istanbul
Jurisdiction: All Islamic nations from the Mediterranean sea to Iran inclusive, except countries controlled by Virgo bureau.
Section Director: Nasreddin Hoca

Libra (Asia) — Singapore
Jurisdiction: All Asian nations and islands from Afghanistan to Indonesia, including countries of Indochina.
Section Director: Mariko Tamuri

Sagittarius (Far East) — Tokyo
Jurisdiction: China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Japan, both Republics of Korea, the Phillipines and former Soviet territories south of the 60th parallel and east of the 60th meridian.
Section Director: Kawamota Matsori

Pisces (Oceania and Antarctica) — Sydney
Jurisdiction: All nations of the Pacific Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Antarctica.
Section Director: Sir Leslie Pilkington-Smythe 2
Support units are named after the moons of the Visible Planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn) amongst other things.

The Ganymede Bureau — the Orion Foundation’s special equipment division. Many scientists are seconded from Mentex and Geotech (see under Businesses, below) in order to enable a steady rotation of personnel, ever seeking new and unique ideas. The

Ganymede Bureau is divided into four sections.
G1 – Administration and Finance
G2 – Basic Research and New Technologies Development
G3 – Development and Construction
G4 – Distribution and Training
The Coriolis Bureau — the Orion Foundation’s computer/communications arm. Runs the Orioncomm network.

Titan Team — agents trained in commando and counter-terrorist operations. Based in New York, Berlin and Hong Kong, Titan Teams are available to agents who need powerful backup and support. Around three dozen members staff each station, in addition to individual teams assigned to some bureau headquarters.


Several businesses are owned or controlled by the Orion Foundation or its members. Some of the more prominent are as follows:

Mentex Technologies, San Francisco — specializes in computer and robotics technologies.

Geotech Corporation, New York — develops advanced techniques and equipment for geological research, mining, petroleum drilling, meteorology and oceanography.

Centauri Shipping, London and Athens — controls a fleet of transport aircraft and merchant vessels. Some of these are extremely fast and give the Foundation a means of private, rapid transport to any part of the world.

Celestial Airlines — small nationwide carrier. The founder of Celestial Airlines was a victim of a Web operation. When Orion came to his assistance, he offered to be an emergency transport service. Agents can use Celestial when they need travel, but have no resources. 3

Excalibur Enterprises, Ltd. London — legitimate investment firm that caters to a private, wealthy clientele whose profits help keep Orion running in the black.


The Orion Foundation employs all manner of analysts, technicians, scientists, trainers and general support staff, but the heart of the organization lies in its field agents. These talented individuals are well trained and equipped by their bureau to aid them in their mission to uncover the activities and operatives of the WEB, to discredit and/or neutralize them, and to prevent the foe’s plans from coming to fruition.

Field agents are often assigned to train and work with a Titan Team. This involves specialized combat and survival training in a variety of settings. The length of an agent’s stint with a Titan Team varies from a single operation to a year.

Code of Conduct

All employees of the Orion Foundation are required to follow the Code of Conduct at all times.

Never take a human life, unless doing so is absolutely necessary for the advancement of the mission.

Do not contact the Foundation, unless failure to do so will result in the failure of the mission.

Obey national and local laws to the extent possible, without compromising the mission. Do not break a law just because it is an inconvenience.

All proposed operations and actions must be carefully weighed against their expected consequences and against their worst case consequences. The success of the mission must clearly outweigh the expected consequences and must be viewed in proportion to the worst case consequences.

Security Classifications

The Orion Foundation uses the following security classifications:

ALPHA: Publicize by any means possible, from discreet security leaks to press conferences.

BETA: Restrict to Orion employees and contacts if possible.

GAMMA: Released on a need-to-know basis. Unauthorized access requires immediate apprehension.

OMEGA: Top Secret. Leaks must be prevented by any means necessary, including lethal force.

Orion Covert Warfare Operations Division

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