Orion Safe House

Orion has safe houses throughout the globe. Though they differ in size and shape, as well as functional utility, they all have certain things in common.


All safe houses have the following aspects:

Safehouse Kit

all safehouses will have a “kit” or briefcase with the following items in it:

  1. passport blanks as well as encrypted instructions to contact a local forger
  2. a single handgun with 2 full clips of ammo
  3. $5,000 in assorted bills in local currency (split if located near a border region)
  4. map of the local city
  5. burner cell phone with 4 hours of prepaid minutes
Walled Off

The safehouse is cut off from most of the organization it belongs to for security purposes. Only a handful of people know about the location of the safehouse.


All safe houses have the following skills

  • Innocent Facade – 4 – the outer appearance of the building hides the fact that this building is used as a meeting place for the organization that owns the safe house. This could mean that it appears to be a local business, or a quaint suburban home, or any of a number of other things. Whatever it looks like, the average person is not going to recognize it as a safehouse. This takes the place of Deceive or Rapport roles when interacting with locals while in the safehouse.
  • Member of the Community – 4 – the maintainer of the safe house is a low-key, but active member of the community. The locals will have had extensive dealings with the person and will be convinced that nothing out of the ordinary is going on. This will take the place of Resource roles when trying to procure items local to the neighborhood while in the safe house.

Orion Safe House

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