The Rock


High Concept

Monument Valley, Arizona base of operations for ORION North America


  • Built into a Butte
  • High Security
  • ORION Command Center


  • the Pit – vehicle maintenance and development
  • the Lab – gadgetry and engineering R&D
  • the Armory – weapons and armor
  • the Mess – cafeteria and mess hall
  • the Barracks – sleeping quarters
  • the Briefing Room
  • CIC – (Combat Information Center) central command and communications room inside the Rock


  • Technology Available – Because the Rock is the ORION NA Central Command, when inside the Rock characters can spend a Fate point to say that any piece of technology or military equipment is at most one zone away.
  • Intrusion Countermeasures – Because the Rock has ultra High Security, anyone controlling the Combat Information Center and knowing the password can deploy Intrusion Countermeasures against any opponents in any zone of the Rock.
  • Develop Systems – because the Rock has and Armory, a Lab, and a Pit anyone trying to Craft any form of system or weapon gets a +2 to their roll due to the available tools and technology.

The Rock

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