ORION The Hunter

Orion Case Log: Mission 5
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Hardtop and Burt were deployed to a manufacturing facility that Orion believed was a front for a drug cartel smuggling heroin into the US. They also had reason to suspect that a chemist had been kidnapped and was being forced to work on a new synthetic drug there.

Hardtop infiltrated the facility while Burt Jackson stayed in the trailer on recon. Once Hardtop knocked out the guard dogs and a guard, he disguised himself and made his way into the warehouse. Working his way up the stairs he was about to be unmasked by a suspicious guard. At this point Burt drove the Lamb Chop Express through the main gates and opened fire.

Inside the factory, workers using exo-skeleton cargo loaders revealed that their equipment was modified for military combat. Laying down fire, they pinned Burt down. He pulled the RPG out of the Lamb Chop Express and fired at the workers.

Hardtop rushed through to the lab with the warehouse guards, his cover still intact. From there he was inside the lab on lockdown. Inside the lab was a clean room where the captured chemist was working. Launching his attack, he subdued the guards, and escaped with the chemist.

Fleeing the scene in the Lamb Chop Express, the two drove the chemist to a safe house for debriefing.

Orion Case Log: Mission 4
Lights out in Monte Carlo

The Orion team spends the day preparing for the party at the manor of Liliene Duexchamp, an elderly, widowed, European socialite. With the disappearance of Jean, they are on full alert. A plan is created to sneak an EMP device on to the grounds of the estate, so that they can disable all surveillance technology if they need to get out in a hurry.

While there, Burt makes the acquaintance of Janet Melendy, a Formula One champion. They hit it off talking about cars, while Hardtop and Snowblind head upstairs to confront Yung Kai Sook. In a room upstairs, they find themselves face to face with a gagged and bound Jean Marteau, and several armed goons. A fight breaks out, Burt triggers the EMP device, and the crowd in the house panics and starts fleeing the grounds at the sound of gunfire.

Burt and Janet head upstairs to help the other Orion agents. Yung Kai Sook is captured and shoved into the back of the Alfa RAMeo just as the local authorities arrive to discover the dead bodyguards. The team attempts to flee into the night unnoticed…

Orion Case Log: Mission 3
Monte Carlo Or Bust!

The agents are sent to Monte Carlo to retrieve a stolen missile guidance system from a Chinese weapons dealer looking to broker a deal. Yung Kai Sook, the weapons dealer plans to use the trans-Europe Monte Carlo Rally as cover for his deal. The agents meet up with Jean Marteau, an ORION analyst in the Monte Carlo office and establish their cover.

They face off against Yung Kai Sook in a high stakes poker game and establish contact. They are invited to a party at a rich aristocrat’s house the next day. As the first half of the mission closes, Hardtop discovers that the Italian mafia is somehow involved in the transaction, Jean goes missing, and Snowblind and Burt break into Kai Sook’s hotel room and discover that there may be more to this weapons deal than meets the eye.

ORION Case Log: Mission 2
Paging Doctor Klemkin. Doctor Ira Klemkin.

Snowblind, Hardtop and Burt Jackson are sent to retrieve world renowned geophysicist Dr. Ira Klemkin. It is believed that whoever was behind the jewel heist earlier is using the special crystal to power an earthquake machine. Dr. Klemkin might be one of the scientists alive who would be capable of creating such a device.

When the agents get to Pleasantville, they find Dr. Klemkin in his office. As they are leaving the office they are ambushed by two agents claiming they are FBI. A chase ensues and soon the ORION agents are driving the Lamb Chop Express through the streets of Pleasantville being pursued by more military forces and even an Apache helicopter!

The agents evade capture and usher Dr. Klemkin on to a private ORION jet and ferry him to safety while they stay behind to defend the escape.

ORION Case Log: Mission 1
Attention, Mall Shoppers. Burt Jackson has joined ORION.

Snowblind and Hardtop were deployed to Indianapolis to track down the international fugitive, Svengali. It was discovered that Svengali and a group of paramilitary troops had taken over the mall. After storming the perimeter defenses the group allied with a trucker who was waging a one man war inside the mall named Burt Jackson. Svengali made his escape but not before Snowblind took out a deadly ninja that was in on the attack. It is later learned that Svengali staged the attack to retrieve a special crystal from the Swarovski store in the mall.


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