Witch Doctor

Orion Titan Team Operator


Code Name: Witch Doctor

Real Name: Connor Bale


Targeted by terrorist group


  • Rising star within Orion
  • Winning is everything
  • Mongoose is out there


Physical 3
Mental 4


+ 4 Will
+3 Athletics, Shoot
+2 Stealth, Physique, Fight
+1 Notice, Investigate, Explosives, Languages (Mid Eastern)


Airborne – +2 to Athletics checks when involving Skydiving, HALO, HAHO and rappeling/scaling/mountaineering

Danger Sense – can use Notice skill unimpeded by aspects like Concealed or Total Darkness

Environmental Weapon – can use Shoot in place of Fight skill when unarmed after winning contested roll in a round.



Phase I – professional career

Connor was an exemplary career soldier. After graduating from West Point he served a 6 month tour in Afghanistan. Distinguishing himself there, he applied to Ranger school and passed on the first try. After completing another tour he was tapped for Delta training and scored at the top of his class. It was at this point that he attracted the attention of Orion.

Phase II – Joining Orion

Because of his high scores in Delta candidate school, Orion offered him a position straight out of SERE training. The idea of a group that operated above the authority of Delta Force was too much to pass on, so Connor enlisted. His death was faked during a live fire training exercise, and he was shuttled off to the Rock before he could complete his first Delta mission.

Phase III – Orion Training & First Mission

His first operation as a member of the Titan team was to recover a stolen nerve gas/toxin from a mercenary force headed by a soldier-for-hire named Mongoose. The mission was a success, but it began a long-running feud between Witch Doctor and Mongoose that has lasted to this day.


Connor Bale is the type of soldier that is up before everyone else training. He takes his work seriously, and his work is his life. He has the kind of focus that drives his squad mates insane, but he seems to have a supernatural ability to pull off the deadliest missions. It’s said that once the shells start flying that he goes into some kind of quiet trance. He speaks little and just moves with an ease and fluidity that defies description. There is no wasted movement. One squad mate once commented that he looked like some mad voodoo shaman when in combat. Hence the nickname “Witch Doctor”.

Witch Doctor

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